We have belonged to an amazing church community for many years. If you don’t belong to a giving community, I strongly suggest you find a group that you can resonate with. They can make all the difference in the world to you, both emotionally and physically.

We decided to have the surgery to put my body into menopause. The doctors both agreed that would be the best course of action. The surgery was scheduled for mid November 2010.

What does this have to do with community?

Let me tell you a story.

Every year in November our church youth group plans a Fall Mission Trip. Even though I call it a trip, it is done over a weekend, therefore they look for local needs in the community. The kids and adults work all day Saturday, then spend the night at a local church. It is a great weekend for the youth and the adult volunteers to experience what it is like to give back.  Everyone from middle school to high school is invited to participate and they work at different locations throughout the community. Close to 100 people participate in this event each year.

As a family, we had participated in this event with our kids before. This year, it was our turn to be a recipient.

While we were at the hospital, my husband received a phone call. One of the projects scheduled for the upcoming weekend Mission had to be cancelled. Scrambling to find a project for 20 or more kids and adults to work on, the church leaders reached out to my husband. They wanted to build a deck on the back of the house that would have a ramp to allow me access to the backyard.

Let me just say, it is so much easier to be on the giving side than the receiving side, especially for my husband.Deck Youth Mission

His first reaction was NO. We would just be getting home from the hospital, and he did not want me to be bothered by the noise and chaos of the volunteers working just outside our living room.

A plan was hatched.

When God puts people in your life to offer you a gift, He does not let you say NO. One of our friends from church offered to come to the house, pick me up, let me sit in her recliner and pamper me at her house while the youth worked at our house. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Saturday morning, I was whisked away before 8 am. A little later, more than 20 people were at our house building, cleaning and painting. A beautiful deck was built, our yard was raked and mowed and the ramp my father-in-law had built for our main entrance was painted with non-slip paint. These kids and adults did an amazing job.

I’m not sure it was God’s plan that I have a beautiful deck. More likely God’s plan was to remind us that we are all part of a loving community and that community is ready and willing to help if we just ask (or even if we don’t).

A huge shout out to the youth and families at First United Methodist Church Round Rock. I am so thankful to have this community of friends in our lives.