Have you ever had someone believe in you, even more than you believe in yourself?

If you read my last post, you know that I had surgery to remove (yes, you read that right) my hip prosthesis. Because of the damage to my hip from stage 4 breast cancer, there is not an option to replace the hip. The prosthesis lasted me 6 and a half years. Now I have to figure out how to get around without the use of that left hip. In December that seemed like a daunting task.

Even before the doctor performed the surgery, he told me he believed I would be able to walk with a cane because I would have enough scar tissue to support me (not to¬†mention the muscles). I thought he was crazy, and everyone else (including people in the medical profession) asked “How can that be? Don’t you need a hip to walk?” Honestly, I always thought you needed a hip to walk.

But because he told me I could do it, I believed it too. And I held onto that belief at every physical therapy session.

He Believed I could so I did!

Yesterday, March 1st, was exactly 10 weeks from the date of my surgery to remove my prosthesis.  This video captured my third lap around the cone and is evidence that I can walk without a hip joint!

I’m not sure that I would have believed this to be possible, if the doctor who performed the surgery had not believed first and shared that belief with me.

What is holding you back from believing the seemingly impossible?

I believe that I will get stronger and I will walk with a cane. And beyond that, I may just decide I can walk without a cane.